Tivoli Energy Consultants provide a wealth of experience in wellsite geology supervision. Our experience allows us to provide our clients with operational and geological information in a timely manner while working closely with the client geologist to ensure continuous operations at the wellsite.

We provide daily reporting, sample collection and analysis, data logging and interpretation, core analysis and wireline logging supervision.

Wellsite Supervision

  • Our wellsite team has been trained in Lithological analysis of the carbonates and siliciclastics found in every formation in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

  • We use our extensive knowledge in
    horizontal drilling and MWD analyses to maximize porosity and permeability to assess the formation and well path during drilling operations.

Experienced Geologists

  • These skills combined with close communication with the client geologist maximize the potential for oil and gas recovery.

  • We have experience with under balanced, conventional and invert mud systems on vertical, directional and horizontal wells from NE British Columbia to SW Manitoba.